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indian economy and covid 19

With the pandemic taking over the world, our lives have come to a halt and so has the world economy. The economic impact of this global pandemic is expected to be worse than ever witnessed before. The expected GDP Growth rate for India in the year 2021 is expected to be the lowest since 1990. […]

A startup is nothing but a company which is in its early stages of development. These are entrepreneurial ventures which develop a product or service which is believed to have demand or serve as a solution to some problem that exists in the society. But startups are often confused with small businesses which are very […]

       Due to the recent novel corona virus outspread, a lot of governments have imposed lockdown which has lead to an increase in Work From Home trend. Many employees feel that work from home has highly benefited their personal life and given them more time to spend with their family and children. However, […]

Raunak is a software developer at Amazon who graduated from IIT Kharagpur. He is a part-time freelancer and boasts of an impressive resume and portfolio. In his five years as a freelancer, Raunak has been involved with many successful projects. There are a hundred of others like Raunak at Kickstartup who are either part-time or […]