Due to the recent novel corona virus outspread, a lot of governments have imposed lockdown which has lead to an increase in Work From Home trend. Many employees feel that work from home has highly benefited their personal life and given them more time to spend with their family and children. However, this is not true for everyone. A lot of people have complained about the loss of productivity due to numerous distractions faced by them while working from home.
     Here are a few tips that you can follow to eliminate those distractions and maximize your productivity during WFH.


     Many companies give their employees some amount of work and a specific deadline before which they got to get their job done. But employees often procrastinate thinking “this work can be done later”. This procrastination continues until the very last minute. However, according to Human Psychologists, this is very normal behavior and the best way to avoid this is, breaking your long term goals into a series of simple short term goals. This method of breaking the task helps you in avoiding procrastination and keeps you on track


     Once your goals are set, you need to develop a focused mindset. You must have often heard motivational speakers talk big about mindset- “mindset is everything”, “focused mindset is all that matters”. But how do I develop a focused mindset? The best way to do this is to understand the value of time. We may feel that we have got an ample amount of time while WFH. But introspecting about your own productivity will help you realize the importance of time. Once the value of time is realized, you will automatically start developing a focused mindset.

     Another way to develop a focused mindset is developing a routine. A daily routine will automatically tune your mind to stay focused during work hours and enjoy when you are binge-watching on Netflix.


     Before complaining about a lack of productivity while working from home due to the presence of numerous distractions, you need to find out what really distracts you. It may be your phone ringing or sound of your doorbell or even can be the simplest of things like thoughts about someone. To avoid these distractions we need to understand that a strong mindset can help you overcome any distraction. When your mindset is strong, you can remind yourself to not get distracted when that distraction occurs. It will definitely be hard in the beginning, but once you keep repeating this exercise a number of times, you will automatically stop getting distracted.


     This is one of the best ways to utilize your potential. You can promise yourself “I will treat myself with my favorite chocolate if I finish this task within an hour”. This way you not only maximize your productivity but also turn your distraction into a reward. Most importantly the satisfaction you will get when you treat yourself with that hard-earned chocolate is ineffable.


     A lot of people have this belief that music helps them focus more and increase their concentration. However, this may not be true for all the people out there. If you feel music distracts you more, you can avoid doing this but if you have not thought of this, try listening to music that increases your alpha waves. When alpha waves increase your mind gets more relaxed therefore increasing productivity.


     It is highly likely that the internet has something to do with your work when you are working from home. Hence social media distractions are very natural. But there are a lot of ways to avoid it. The best way is to switch on airplane mode on your phone. But airplane mode also blocks phone calls and you may end up missing one of the most important official phone calls. To avoid this, you can switch off push up notifications on your phone. If you still feel distracted, don’t worry. There are some applications that have been specially designed for you. Apps like OffTime and SelfControl helps you limit your social media usage and stay more focused, thereby increasing your productivity.