Part Two: Surviving the Crisis

Crisis, if not anything else has been useful to remind people of who they are. For a Freelancer, it has made him remember why he took Freelancing despite all the conventional wisdom rooting against it and despite knowing how time-consuming it is to look for new assignments.

A present study suggests that 75% of the Freelancers are millennials or the Gen Z category. This means that they are under the age of 30. So the pandemic has obviously hit the younger generation worse than what most people imagine. It is important for platforms like Kickstartup to lend a helping hand to them and put an end to their misery. No more searching long-hours for clients or to wait endlessly for months for your payment. Kickstartup provides all these facilities in a jiffy. You can easily find tons of clients and choose projects of your own interests and get paid right away after the work is done. No more waiting.

The young freelancing population has been severely hit on their financial and regular income flows. But this isn’t the time to panic, it’s time to adapt. Every Freelancer knows that he/she has the talent and skills to take on any project, but where do you find these projects? How can you display your talents? Like in the previous articles, big companies are on the rise to hire Freelancers and Gig workers. That’s where you get your chance to earn an opportunity to gain experience as well as an alternate income. Most freelancers are making use of Social Media platforms like Behance to display their skills and creativity and possibly might find a buyer there.

But despite all the lows, there is a bright side to this lockdown. It has given you a chance to diversify your skills, your resume, and portfolio and quite possibly might change the way you earn your income in the long run. These are surely going to be very helpful especially when the economy recovers and when things are back on track.

Change in any companies business models as well as their cost-cutting strategies have given a chance to all the existing Freelancers to re-model themselves and present as viable alternatives to these firms to keep the business moving. It is important to identify the best clients and zero-in on them, especially those clients who have been the least affected by this lockdown and economic fall. The market is getting and the world, in general, is getting competitive day by day, so don’t shy away from setting a competitive price for yourselves. It takes time to build credibility, but sooner or later with your consistency that also can be achieved.

Meanwhile, the government has also been providing consistent relief measures to cope with the economic downturn. RBI has induced a 6-month moratorium for borrowers. This is especially helpful to those paying EMIs. They can easily use the moratorium. It’s important that apart from your skills, you are thorough with your financial planning as well. Be more creative and use this freedom of creativity to maybe even make your own projects.

Although the pandemic has resulted in a severe decline of demands for the Freelancers, it is important to take note that it’s a temporary situation and as and when the economy recovers, it would require your services again so best utilize this time to expand your skillset.

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