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Often, we look to industry experts and professionals for advice on various aspects dealing with entrepreneurship. Kick Startup brings to you an exciting series of interviews’ Expertology: The Recipe of Sucess’. Tune in every Saturday as we talk with experts on various subjects and look at their takes on entrepreneurship and freelancing. You won’t want to miss this one!

Kickstarting this series, we have Dr Sumit Kalra, Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. 

Dr Kalra pursued his B.Tech in Computer Science from the renowned Punjab University in Chandigarh and successfully worked as a system research engineer in one of the most well-known organisations of India, Infosys.  He is well praised for his intellectual researches on various areas such as Cloud Computing, Software Architecture, Blockchain, mHealth and IoT.  With a PhD. In CS from IIT Kanpur, he is currently teaching at IIT Jodhpur. He has a wide variety of interests ranging from Computer Science to Machine Learning and the Internet of things. 
What’s more, he has also was the national winner of Microsoft Code.Fun.Do in 2016. A smartphone enthusiast, he even developed a smartphone with detachable Input and Output (I/O) components. Quite unlike other professors, he has a quirky side and engages in various activities. You might find him teaching Yoga to kids or conducting some fun stress-free exam sessions for school kids! He loves helping startups, so let’s see what he has to say about kickstartup. 

Most people today are looking at startups to bring out their ideas. What are your views on emerging startups?

It’s a fact that we are all in a competitive and emerging corporate world. With each passing day, we face the need and opportunity to work with different types of organisations and corporate platforms. The increasing number of new startups take me by surprise with the efficiency and ideas they portray. It is not only beneficial for the people related to the startup but also to the country as a whole. Startups are a great way to be under the limelight for today’s generations. Very happy to see the corporate world branch out through exciting startup projects. 

We, at KickStartup, use technology to support other startups. What is your opinion about tech startups?

I think it’s a win-win model. Everyone likes freedom. In tech-support startups like this one, it allows skilled people to work as their availability, and they also don’t become a liability for an organisation. It is especially significant for the organisations whose principal focus is not the IT domain. They need extensive IT support to execute their business model. I understand that there is already a broad set of BIG IT MNCs. A startup in this domain allows us to cut down the cost and deliver output effectively within time. Nowadays, conventional software development engineering methodologies are not appropriate for applying in a fast-moving business scenario. Here, startups can easily invent new things.

Most startups today have unique business models. What are your views about our (Kick Startup) business model?

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate your entire team on this new venture you’re stepping into. As far as my opinions on the model, I am really excited and happy to see how this has come out. We all know how important precision and time management is when it comes to any business or organisation. This model is created to cater to these two areas is extremely necessary and also the need of the hour. Who won’t be happy about getting their job done by a handful of well-educated and talented technical minds from anywhere in the world?

With the increasing spread of the coronavirus, this project seems to be a boon to all the businesses out there who are suffering due to the government’s rules on lockdowns. 

Hoping to see Kick Startup grow successful really soon!  

We’d love to improve ourselves. Any suggestions for KickStartup?

Having knowledge about the minds working together on this project, I am pretty sure that most of the essential points are already in place. However, my advice as a software architect would be that focus well on your marketing strategies. Make sure that the quality project is known and found by people who need it. As we all know, any startup becomes successful only when it is backed by a strong customer base. That happens only when people are made aware of what we are offering them. Also, I can see that this project is handled by a bunch of graduates from top-notch universities in the country. These people must keep in mind that they are now associated with the real world. Because, today, they have to be conscious enough to pull out the necessary acts whenever needed. With enough dedication and integrity, this startup will soon reach heights. 

Today, freelancing is the new buzz word. What are your views on the freelancing business?

This has now become an increasing trend, and to be honest, why not? Not all firms are equipped with the right type of personnel and human resource at the right time always. So, you can hire the necessary help at the right time around the globe. Why wouldn’t it be a success? In my opinion, freelancing should keep growing, and business firms must definitely take more help from freelancers. This can seriously save a lot of time and effort on both ends. 

Most entrepreneurs out there are always looking for advice. What’s your message for young entrepreneurial minds?

As a professor in one of the leading universities of our country, it is always exciting and refreshing to see young entrepreneurial minds. They flow with ideas to start their own journey in this competitive setup. However, it is often noticed that talented people sometimes fail to achieve what they want to in this field. My advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there will be to maintain focus and patience throughout the way.

Make yourself prepared for the challenges. Choose your partners and mentors carefully and most importantly, understand trends, needs and work accordingly.

 In the end, I would like to congratulate the team to start this exciting journey. I’m sure that sincere hard work and smart approaches will help you in growing exponentially. Thank you for inviting me here to interact with such an enthusiastic team. My best wishes are with you.
Jai Hind.
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