In my previous blog (Virtual business and its advantages), I discussed about virtual business and why it has been very popular among startups. In this blog, I shall discuss in detail the steps involved in starting a virtual business and how you can grow it.


The first and foremost step for starting any business, be it virtual or not, is to determine the kind of business you are willing to do.  Some may be interested in launching a podcast, some may be interested in a dropshipping business.

Every business has its own pros and cons. We have to choose our business after performing a SWOT analysis.


In simple words, researching and collecting data about your target audience and existing firms in the market is known as market research. It helps you blend consumer behavior and economic trends to improve your business. Even in virtual business, failing to understand your audience or your potential consumers would lead to failure of the business and this is where market research helps. There are several types of market research and several ways of conducting one. You can check out HubSpot blog for more details.


A business plan is a written document describing the nature of the business, marketing, pricing, and sales strategies. First and foremost, a business plan should contain your business name and business structure. When it comes to virtual business, a business plan should include all its aspects like services you are going to provide, no. of employees you are going to hire, work from home plan, etc..


Every business has various financial needs like startup costs, salary to the employees, operating costs, and marketing expenditures. There are different ways to fund your business. The advantage with virtual business is you comparatively need less finance to run your business. The best method if you are starting up small is bootstrapping. However, if you do not have enough money to self-fund the business, you can look for various other options like crowdfunding, business loan. You can also seek for investors and if you are able to impress them with your business plan, you are all set.

Once the above mentioned four steps are completed, you are ready to launch your virtual business. However, communicating with your clients and employees in a virtual business can be very challenging as you are not going to have face to face conversation with them. In my next blog, we shall check out the ways to efficiently conduct and communicate in a virtual business.