In times of uncertainty, when one is unsure about what to do, one looks up – to someone who can guide them; someone they can put their belief in! Someone who’s a good leader!

And what bigger uncertainty in 2020 than this pandemic!


COVID-19 is taking the world by storm. Absolutely no one in the world has a clue on how to deal with it.

Such VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) times call for a good leader. One who is reliable, considerate & knowledgeable.

A leader who know how to act & take it as their responsibility to ensure the safety & welfare of others.

Be it a mighty political leader ruling a country of billions, or a small businessman taking the responsibility of safety of his employees, their role remains the same. 

Markets are crashing and public panicking. The leaders are in a bigger turmoil than they have ever been before. The unprecedented worldwide crisis spawned by the novel corona virus disease calls for all leaders to look at Meta-Leadership.

Meta Leadership

The Meta-Leadership framework and practice method has been developed after extensive research on and observation of leaders in high-stress, high-stakes situations. It provides individuals with tools that are conceptually and practically rigorous so that they are better equipped to act and direct others when leadership effectiveness can mean the difference.

Here’s a quick checklist for Good the leaders in this crisis:  

  • Take Charge

Step up to take responsibility and contribute towards welfare. People are despirate for hope eagerly looking out for a guiding light!

  • Be Sensitive towards all

Be considerate and take into account the vast number of concerns people may have; Answer their doubts, even the trivial ones. This will help you gain their faith.

  • Communicate

Communication and interaction improves understanding and helps make better decisions. It also makes one feel secure & have greater faith in that leader.

  • Evaluate for Long & Short Term

Leaders need to evaluate both, long & short term consequences and work for the greater good.

  • Act Decisively

With so much uncertainty surrounding us already, leaders need to be decisive. They should not shy away and be prompt in decision making.