Being surrounded by Instagram usernames and LinkedIn profiles, Netiquette in Professional Life should be mandatory for all. Sadly, many people do not realize the power a single Instagram post can hold, especially in the professional world.

I worked professionally with two startups and was asked to sit in on a job interview as an assistant panelist with my supervisor. 

The interviewee had a vast portfolio and was more than fit for the job. At the beginning of the interview, the supervisor asked the interviewee to share his Facebook profile with him. His profile was full of shameful remarks about social problems, which we pointed out. We politely asked him to change his profile to a more professional one, as we expected him to conduct himself professionally both online and offline.

Moreover, this incident is the reason I bring you this article. 


It is almost impossible to erase a digital trail nowadays, and that can subsequently hinder your professional life. 

I have compiled a list of rules, which are easy to remember and follow!


  • Emo-Human Quotient

The Emotional quotient in humans is higher than in any other species. Anything and everything that you post may affect someone. So, before you post it, think twice.

  • Check Your Content

Prima facie, people see the content you put and not your personality. Make sure that everything is perfect, there are no grammatical errors, and none of your content is plagiarism-free. 

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  • If you do not do it in real life, do not do it online.

Some people are more confident online. I am not talking about that. What you should think about instead is, do not fake anything.

  • With Great Power, Come Great Views

The more engaging your content, the longer it will live. Focus on rolling out educational content, and people can take something away from it.

The very reason I started this blog was to extend the life and power of my words. 

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  • Diversity Check 

Social media is a diverse space that includes everyone. Differentiate your audience based on your relationships with them. Do not send a casual WhatsApp to your colleague, which you may send to a friend.

I hope this article will help you find answers to all your netiquette related problems.

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