Expertology is back with another interview, and this week, we have a very special guest. In today’s expertology interview, we have Venkatesh Ramaswamy, VP of engineering, ShareChat. ShareChat, as we know, is an Indian Social media platform with over 60 million active users. ShareChat has emerged as a unique content sharing platform with exclusive content in 14 regional languages of India. Mr Venkatesh has completed his MS from Indiana University. He has over 19 years of experience, working in companies like PayPal and eBay. Let’s look at what he has to share with us in today’s episode of Expertology: The Recipe of Success.

How has your experience with ShareChat been so far?

I’ve had an excellent experience with ShareChat so far. Sharechat was founded by three IIT Kanpur graduates. As founders, their vision drives the company. In fact, I have had interactions with many IITians during my research. I used to spend my weekends at IIT Bombay when I was into research. Back then, spending weekends at IITB was fun and a great learning experience. Interaction with IITians and IIT professors has taught me a lot of things. In 2001, I started pursuing my MS at Indiana University. When I graduated in 2003, a lot of my acquaintances had lost their jobs. I was lucky enough to get a job as a team leader at a renowned company. It was a great learning experience for me.

What do you think is the right age and time to build a startup?

Your age is, in fact, the perfect one to start your entrepreneurial venture. You guys have a very young mind and an enthusiastic approach.

In fact, this is when you learn, and you have no risk of loss.

You guys have a free mind because you guys don’t have family and financial pressure. Your age is the perfect age to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to start your business.

What do you think is the most important thing for startups in today’s scenario?

A good mentor is essential for every startup. A good mentor teaches you a lot of things from his experience and guides you in the right direction.

Our life is too short to repeat the same mistakes.

With proper mentorship, we can learn from other’s mistakes, and that’s how we grow.

You mentioned that a good mentor is vital for a startup. How can one find a good mentor? 

You can’t hire a mentor using an app. The right mentor knows you well and understands your business and industry. She/he should have considerable experience as well, for experience is necessary for guidance. Only when a mentor possesses all these qualities, will she/he will be completely involved, and that is necessary comes guidance and right decision making.

A startup is not something you do part-time. You have to devote your time to it. Furthermore, as entrepreneurs, you should love what you do. Don’t stress too much about work as it can sometimes potentially affect your co-workers as well. You should also build a good team that can contribute to the growth of your business.

Rightly said, sir. We do not take any pressure or stress at Kickstartup. In fact, we have a fantastic team of developers and writers.

What do you think about Kickstartup’s business model?

I like the idea of kickstartup a lot.

You help businesses grow by assisting them in getting their work done.

Your business model is also great too. In fact, there is a massive scope in your industry. There is no particular leader in your industry, so this the best opportunity for you to become a market leader.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken our world by a storm. How do you think work is going to continue in this scenario?

The sooner we understand that this is the new normal, the better for us all. Work from home is the new norm, and it’s most likely to stay. People don’t have much a choice, and its best they try to cope up with it.

I wish kickstartup the best in all its endeavours.

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