Yesterday, we looked at busting myths about freelancing. But what if you’re looking at employing a freelancer and having second thoughts? Today we’ll see why you shouldn’t worry about hiring freelancers and how they’re as good (or even better) than regular employees.

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It’s Effectively Cheaper

At first glance, the seemingly high hourly rate seems to make employing freelancers look expensive. But what if your purposes need you to hire someone only for a short period? It has been shown that most normal employees spend five hours in an eight-hour working day slacking off. You’ll be paying a freelancer only for the five hours that they work. Employing freelancers has proven to be cheap, and the results are on par or even better.

Even better, you save all the benefits general employees take home. There’s no need to have a coffee station, and no such nonsense when you work with freelancers. Cut to the point and get your work done as quickly and affordably as possible.

Oh, you also won’t be paying for office space or splurging excessively on coffee and vending machines anymore.

Save Time

How often have ordinary employees missed deadlines? When you hire a freelancer, not a second is wasted. You save time, energy and money. You won’t have to run behind your freelancer to get work done; it’s their work ethic to stick to deadlines. They’re answerable to you and you only, and there’s no headache of structural hierarchy.

Statistics have shown that freelancers are more efficient because they’re likely to be more comfortable while working. So, if you’re saving time and money, why are you still reluctant?

Specialised Skills

Most employees are those who have risen through various positions to reach their current one. Sometimes, they don’t possess the right skills required for the task at hand. Not using specific skill sets of employees can be a significant drawback for a firm.

Freelancers are usually freshmen, and they come with a variety of ideas. Their preference for smart work over hard work only makes them better. What’s more, they have industry exposure, and they’ve worked with more firms than you can think of. They know what sells and what doesn’t, thanks to their broad experience. Obviously, your project is in good hands when with them.

Almost no Supervision

We’ll shout it out for those at the back if this hasn’t been implied already. Freelancers are the easiest to work with. While you might miss out on the drama you usually see in shows like The Office, we’re sure it’s not that big a loss. No hassles and no worries. Just perfect work that you need served to you on a golden platter.

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