Work-life blend vs Work-life balance has been one of the most debated topics recently and it is quite obvious that at the end of the debate, people have started admitting that work-life balance has become an old-school concept and people are slowly erasing the line that separates work and family life and shifting towards the new age concept of work-life blend. Before understanding the reason for this shift, let us first learn the concept of work-life balance and blend.

  Work life balance is based on the age-old saying- “work while you work, play while you play”. It involves a separation between work and life by drawing a line between personal and professional life. It involves planning our time and devoting time to all our needs like professional, social, and family needs. But with the passage of time, it has become nearly impossible to separate them. You often get an important office call, when you are spending your vacation in Hawaii and you cannot avoid it. Similarly, you may be in a position to attend a party hosted by your friends, by bunking your office one day. Hence, it becomes highly impossible to multitask when you follow work-life balance.

So what is the solution to this problem?                                                               

The answer could be the modern Work-life blend concept.

 Work-life blend, as the word blend suggests, is a self-explanatory concept. It involves blurring the line dividing personal and professional life and integrating them for the right blend to suit the individual. If you are a maths geek, think like this. Work-life balance is differentiating personal and professional life whereas blend deals with integrating them in the right proportions. Hence this concept allows you to respond to important business mails while watching a movie with family or visiting the dentist when you face sudden toothache during work hours.

 The simple reason why Work-life blend is getting a huge fan following these days is because it considers personal obligations and gives flexibility to both employer and employee. Also, when employers focus on output quality more than no. of hours spent by an employee in the office, it gives more relaxation to the employees and work-life blend comes to play.

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